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Control your business with our SAAS platforms

Colletra offers an API Rest providing hundreds of turnkey banking and insurance microservices. An interactive documentation is also made available for developers to test our business services and our compatibility with existing information systems in real time.

Colletra offers third-party partner services already integrated into the subscription process such as documentary verification, electronic signature or payment. The catalog of third-party services is continuously enriched in order to offer the best subscription experience possible on our turnkey solutions.


All tools that you can imagine to manage your money and plan your budget in one place. It’s simple and intuitive

An own-branded solution

Our debit cards provide a flexible payment solution for your consumers, allowing them the benefit of financial inclusion, as well as the potential to access great foreign exchange (FX) rates.

Colletra offers an own-branded solution for smaller clients that can be resold to their customer base. For clients with specific requirements, such as branding control and value-added benefits, Colletra can build bespoke solutions.

Generate additional revenue streams with an e-voucher

E-vouchers provide electronically stored value, enabling easy and convenient loading mechanisms. Providing numerous benefits to both merchants and customers, e-gift vouchers have become a popular option.
Colletra issues e-vouchers that are electronically stored values. These can be pre-printed or generated in real-time from merchant terminals or websites.

Business & Corporate Services

From SMEs to large corporations, companies want to eliminate cumbersome payment processes and overheads while increasing convenience, flexibility, profitability, and security.

Manage your own card programme

As an e-money institution and principal of Mastercard networks, we can provide BIN sponsorship to organizations that are not financial institutions but still wish to have their own e-wallet accounts and run prepaid card programmes.

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We deliver payment experiences around the world, leveraging a proprietary payments processing and product development platform, with vast experience pioneering industry firsts.

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